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My name is Abigail (Abby) Lee Snyder. My dad often teases me about how my first name was decided upon because it was the first name that appeared in the baby name book. My mom, however, chooses to disagree with his conclusion! My middle name is unique because my mom, dad, sister and I all share the middle name of "Lee."

My family and I live in a little town called New Winchester, which is about twenty minutes from Bucyrus. New Winchester is so small that there is not even a traffic light!

I love Italian food, especially spaghetti! I could eat spaghetti or lasagna every night if it wasn't for the fat calories and my family's need for diversity! The one food that I absolutely cannot stand is fish. Every time someone tries to make me eat a "fishy" dish, all that I can picture is a poor little fish swimming in a dirty polluted ocean!

I like singing, writing, listening to music, reading and being a DJ at WXML radio. I have been singing since I was four years old and I never feel more alive than when I am in front of a microphone. I tend to be shy in one-on-one situations, but in front of large crowds I'm like a different person. The more people there are, the more nerve I seem to have! When I've had a bad day, I calm myself down by singing. Even though the sound is loud and not necessarily on key, it keeps my mouth busy so that I can't vent my anger on someone else. Usually I practice singing one to two hours a day. People often gasp when I tell them this and often listeners even praise my dedication, but singing is relaxation to me, not work. I also like to write stories and songs. My songs reflect the messages that God has given me. I figure that if the words were used to encourage me, then maybe someone else can benefit from the meaning also. Although I've not had any songs published yet, I do plan to do so in the future.

I also enjoy writing fictional stories. The stories come from my love for Christian historical fiction books. I like to read and write about fictional characters living in an era in history, romanticized of course!

I also enjoy being a DJ at WXML radio in Upper Sandusky. I have volunteered at this radio station for five years and have gained experience in areas dealing with cues, CD decks and copy.

For four years I have co-hosted the "Sounds of Southern Gospel," which airs on Thursday nights. I love to be part of this ministry and the listeners have become my extended family. I am very proud of being the producer of this gospel program. I have a lot of fun working with my dad who is the host of the "Sounds of Southern Gospel."

I am a very opinionated person and usually see things as black and white. Issues such as abortion and prayer in school are just some of the topics that I've fought for. I love to argue a point until it is "driven into the ground." I can be very stubborn. Sometimes this stubbornness is not always good because I like to do stuff my way and I have trouble letting someone else tell me what they think should be done. I would probably be a good lawyer or activist if I was a more outgoing person and if my heart wasn't in another profession.

I love to travel! I'm always the first one to hop into the car and go somewhere even if only to Bucyrus! On family vacations I can spend the whole ride peering out of the window. Someday I want to live in North Carolina or Georgia because of all the places I've been. I enjoy their scenery and accents the most!

I am a proud "pack rat!" I save every-thing! From birthday cards to candy wrappers. Each article holds a special significance to me. I keep everything in an old wooden chest in my room and I continue to add new treasures every once in a while. My family often harasses me about throwing out some of that "junk," but each wrapper and ticket stub has a story that I couldn't bring myself to part with!

I am a great "people reader!" Everywhere I go, I always size up the crowd and I see different attitudes and ideas reflected on each face. I like to watch people and see how they deal with life in their own environment. Sometimes, though, I have to wonder of the stories and the lives of the people that I am studying.

Ever since I was a little girl, my mom and dad have taught me that having dreams is a must in living life. My parents have repeatedly told me that I can do anything and I have applied this statement to my life. I am an incurable dreamer! Not a star goes by that I don't wish upon it, and not a night slips past that I don't ask God to make all the desires of my heart into reality. When I dream, I do not dream small, but huge dreams! I dream of standing on the Grand Ole Opry stage in Nashville, Tennessee and singing a gospel classic or stepping up to the platform in Louisville, Kentucky and receiving the favorite Gospel Music Alto Singer Award at the National Quartet Convention. I dream of music tours to Italy, Israel and Ireland and of appearing on the very popular Southern Gospel video series, "The Gaither Homecoming" videos.

I also dream of traveling on a brand new Provost tour bus (painted blue with gold lettering) and singing professionally in a Southern Gospel group for the rest of my life.

Another dream includes my having a family. I look forward to meeting a wonderful Christian man who will sweep me off my feet! Of course he will be a tenor or baritone singer and together we will travel the country singing gospel music! By the time I'm ready to have children, there will be a pain-free way to give birth, so I will be able to have the three children that I have always dreamed of. I've already put my order in for two girls and one boy. I would love for them to love music in some way, but if they don't, I'll support them in whatever they are interested in.

Besides being a professional gospel singer, mother and wife, I also want to work part-time as a DJ on the Reach Satellite network. Reach is a network of twenty-four hour Southern Gospel programming and is played on stations all over the world. Reach is also located in Boone, North Carolina, a state that I wouldn't mind living in! I plan on singing Wednesday through Sunday and working at Reach Monday and Tuesday.

Why dream if dreaming big is out of the question! Having dreams means not only sitting by and enjoying the possibilities, but having a "game plan" to further the dreams into reality.

In the fall of 1998, I will be a freshman at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. I chose Belmont for three reasons: the university has a fantastic music program, the broadcasting opportunities are super and I may be lucky enough to run into Bryan White on a side street and he will be the one to sweep me off my feet! I will major in radio broadcasting and video production.

With "Music Row" just down the street from Belmont, I will have many opportunities to "get my name into the broadcasting arena!" Hopefully, I can get a job at a recording studio as a receptionist and later as a DJ in a radio station at the beginning of my college career.

During my four years at Belmont, I will continue to study music as a minor. College seems so distant still, but I cannot wait to finally be able to work towards my life goals. This new chapter in my life is bound to be exciting!

All in all, I have resolved to achieve everything that I have set out to do. Although I have many faults and characteristics I'd rather lock away, every flaw and personality trait has worked together to make me into the determined person that I am today.


Before Abby died she wrote a poem that has inspired many. Here in Abby's words is her testimony illustrating the depth of her faith in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ:

Abby's Prayer

"I don't know when I'll go to

meet my Savior,

I don't know the time

or where I will be

when it's my time to go.

Someday this old body will rest,

But I'm not afraid of death.

Because I know I'm going to the place

that my Father's been preparing

for me."

- Abby Snyder


When you speak about faith, Abby had a motto that gave her strength for each day. It was sometimes a silent faith, but in front of a crowd and with a microphone in her hand ministering in song-- her faith became bold, strong and unwavering as she shared her faith with all who would listen. Below is Abby's motto:

Abby's Motto

"When you come to the edge

of all light you have known,

And are about to step off

into darkness,

Faith is knowing

there'll be something to stand on,

Or you will be taught how to fly."


Below is another one of Abby's poems that shed's light on her faith and beautiful spirit. For a young lady, 19 years of age, the depth of this poem beautifully illustrates the relationship that she possessed. It proves beyond a shadow of doubt from where she derived her daily strength.

I have food on my table,
I have clothes upon my back,
I have a roof up above me,
two kittens and a cat,
I have a family that loves me,
I have friends who stick by me,
but all of this would be nothing if I didn’t have you.
You’re my tower and my source of strength,
My guide that leads through waters deep,
You’re the maker of my everything,
The one that gives me hope to sing,
The hand that reaches out to me when I am weak.

by Abby Snyder


Abby's life touched many individuals. One was singer, song writer and poet Mr. Jake Reel of Upper Sandusky who is a dear friend of the WXML Ministry and a great admirer of Abby. Upon hearing of her death, he sat down the day after her untimely death and wrote the following poem in her memory:


(A Tribute to Abby Snyder)

An answer to a dream

as you came into our home

but it was not very long until

you dared to dream your own.


We remember you as a child

how you'd sit and dream for hours

about great and wonderful things

like precious gardens and ivory towers.

As you grew older and much wiser

your dreams began to show

the higher things and callings

as your faith began to grow.

Your dreams then turned toward heaven

and the tasks God had for you

so you lived out the greatest dream

and this one did come true.

For God also loves the dreamer

and He gathers them round His throne

maybe that explains it

why He gave you a new home.

But oh so short your time on earth

before all your dreaming was through

and for all eternity we won't forget

that in you our dream came true.

Maybe I'm just the dreamer

to think that life doesn't pass

and now that you've gone away

your dream of God came true at last.

But it's still so hard to think of

us dreaming without you

But our greatest dream is yet to come

when we share them again with you.

-Jacob Reel - June 8th, 2000


An Open Letter To Our Listeners from Terry and Regina Snyder:

As I sit here to write to all of the WXML friends and listeners, my mind wanders back as I think of the many day sponsors spots I wrote for many of you-- trying to put my heart into your sorrow, love, and rejoicing—trying to capture your feelings. Now I sit and can only say thank you to all who have written, called, sent cards and prayed for my wife, Regina, my daughter, Holly, and myself.

As we go through what seems like an impossible time in our lives, the three of us have broken, hurting hearts at the loss of our daughter, Abby—my buddy on the Sounds of Southern Gospel, Holly as she lost a sister and even more a close friend, and Regina a beloved daughter.

Abby shared everything, whether personal or not, with her mom. They spent many hours discussing biblical ideas and thoughts.

After five years of marriage, God blessed us with two wonderful daughters who both love the Lord. It is only because of His saving grace, love and the tremendous support of the WXML listeners’ calls, cards, and words of love that we can truly say we are able to continue on with love and sorrow in our hearts day by day.

With all our love,

Terry, Regina and Holly


Many individuals have asked if any of Abby's tapes are still available. The family does have her project available for a donation. Donations will be used to publish some of Abby's music, writings and other projects.

If you would be interested in having her cassette, please send a donation in the amount of $10.00, which includes shipping and handling.

Checks should be made payable and sent to: Terry Snyder, 432 New Winchester Center Road, Bucyrus, Ohio 44820, or check at your local Christian book store for Abby's tape.

Thank you for so many of your inquiries.