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Other than our annual Sharathon in November, or our New Membership drive in May, the radio ministry very seldom asks for additional help from our listeners. If you have been following this ministry for many years, you know that we are not like other stations that are constantly begging on-the-air for money. Here at New Vision FM we have always tried to live with the finances that God provides for us. Only occasionally have we come to our listeners and asked for more help. When we do, it has never been on the air. It has always been through our newsletter that we’ve asked people directly, and privately, if they would prayerfully consider our request to help with a special project.

Our Marion station needs new fencing to protect our tower and its six guy wires. We have had attempted break-ins at this site and one of our other sites. So we must increase our security to prevent break-ins. We also need to have new fencing around our guy wires to prevent children from trying to climb on the wires and possibly getting hurt. This would present a big liability issue for the ministry. We are showing one picture to illustrate the condition of all guy wires.

The two competing bids that we have are within $34 of each other. The proposed cost of the project is $19,984. Would you please pray about making a special gift to the radio ministry to fund this project? If you would, please put “fencing project” in the memo line of your check. We pray that God will bless your generous contribution back to you many times over.