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Do Not Keep Silent

Do Not Keep Silent with host
Jason DeZurik
is heard every Sunday evening at 7:00PM.

New Vision FM is proud to be posting past shows from this growing program.

Archived Shows



WXMW 89.3 FM (Sycamore, OH) / WXMF 91.9 FM (Marion, OH)
W248BT 97.5 fm (Findlay, OH) / W270CL 101.9 FM (Fostoria, oh)

*These insightful and Bible centered programs are offered,
  in addition to the many hours of the ‘Music Of Our Faith’!*
*National news by USA Radio Network is usually heard at the top of the hour.*


06:30 AM   Listen to the Bible - Max McLean
06:32 AM,    Back To The Bible - Dr. Ron Moore
07:05 AM,    Our Daily Walk - Missy Hightower (7:05AM - 8:30AM)
07:30 AM,    Insight's - Dr Charles Swindoll
08:30 AM   Seeking Him - Nancy Leigh DeMoss
08:32 AM,    Interview Line - as scheduled
08:32 AM,    Weekend Calendar: Bill & Gloria Ramsey (Friday)
09:02 AM,    Lamplighter Moment - Mark Hamby
09:05 AM,    Turning Point - Dr. David Jeremiah
09:31 AM,    Pray For Israel - Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
09:33 AM,    Revive Our Hearts - Nancy Leigh DeMoss
10:30 AM,    A Word With You - Ron Hutchcraft
11:00 AM,    Insight for Living - Dr. Charles Swindoll
11:30 AM,    The Bible Minute - Dr. Ron Moore
12:04 PM,    The Public Square - David Zanotti & Wayne Shepherd
12:30 PM,    My Family Talk - Dr. James Dobson
12:32 PM,    Bless Israel - Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
01:30 PM,    Communing With God - Dan Lemburg
02:30 PM,    Route 66 - Dr. David Jeremiah
03:00 PM,    Family Talk Daily - Dr. James Dobson
03:30 PM,    Creation Moments - Paul Taylor
04:27 PM,    Breakpoint - John Stonestreet
04:45 PM,    One Moment In America - Jerry Stewart
05:05 PM,    Candlelight Dinner Hour - NewVision FM
05:30 PM,    Live Hope Minute - Mark Smeby
06:05 PM,    Weekend Calendar: Bill & Gloria Ramsey (Friday)
06:28 PM,    Footsteps - Andy Napier
06:30 PM,    Southern Gospel Concert - Gary Lyons (Tuesday)
                    Sounds of Southern Gospel - Bill & Gloria Ramsey (Thursday)
                    Southern Gospel Jubilee - Russ Brauneller (Friday)
07:30 PM,    Praise, Prayer & Power For Today: Rita Stewart (Monday)
08:30 PM,    The Garlow Perspective - Jim Garlow
09:30 PM,    
Live Empowered - Kelley Latta
10:00 PM,    Night Sounds - Bill Pierce
10:30 PM,    
Far East Broadcast Company (FEBC) - Edward Cannon
10:32 PM,    
Leading The Way - Dr. Michael Youssef 


09:04 AM,    The Best of Country Gospel - Russ Brauneller 
11:00 AM,    Gospel Harmonies - Alan Cook
12:04 PM,    The Public Square - David Zanotti & Wayne Shepherd (Weekend)
01:00 PM,    A Second Look At Sports - Dr. Dwight Allen
05:00 PM,    Bill Gaither's Homecoming Radio
08:00 PM,    Best of 'In the Market' - Janet Parshall


12:00 PM,   Israel In The News - International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
12:03 PM,   Pray For Israel - Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
12:04 PM,   The Public Square - David Zanotti & Wayne Shepherd (1 Hour Show)
01:04 PM,   Glorious Gospel Road - Martha Smith 
03:30 PM,   Friends of Israel Daily - Chris Katulka
05:00 PM,   Understanding The Times Radio - Jan Markell

05:58 PM,   Janet Parshall Commentary - Janet Parshall
08:00 PM,  Gospel Harmonies - Alan Cook