A Tribute To The Angels Among Us

Recently, while driving to work, I felt an overwhelming urgency to pray.  I began praying for friends in nursing homes, in hospitals and for their families who could not visit them due to COVID 19. For men and women in medical fields, and for all people serving in essential jobs and on the front lines. For those who are going to work each day frightened, and for those laid off and unable to work. For leaders who have to make the tough decisions – For God’s protection on our country and for wisdom to lead our flocks. For discernment in the midst of  conflicting reports and for peace in the midst of chaos. The list goes on and on….

As I entered the parking lot that day, a local listener pulled up beside me. I was handed a piece of paper that read, “If you believe in angels, then look around you. For if there are angels among us, I believe I have found them here.” Whoa! I was humbled, to say the least. On that paper was a long list of tributes. Two of them especially touched me, and they read…

“If you believe in angels, look into the eyes of your law enforcement officers. Revel in their vigilance and their need to defend and protect. Understand that they may be asked to give their life for that of another. Remember them as they stand watch tonight, guarding against evil so others may sleep in peace, free of fear.

“If you believe in angels, look into the eyes of a firefighter. See how their compassion for others has strengthened their convictions. Marvel how they work with their hands, reason with their hearts, and march into battle along side those they have learned to call ‘brother’.”  Special thank you to Lt. Neal D. Riedlinger, Wyandot Co. Sheriff’s Dept. for sharing his heart and for allowing me to share with you here.

As I read those words, I thought of all of you – our long-time supporters and our new friends, too. To the staff and volunteers, to those who have come along side us, joined us in faith, and together, marched into battle. We are honored to call you ‘Brother’.

And to the on-air DJ’s, most of whom are long-time dedicated volunteers who have selflessly served by sharing the good news of Jesus, week after week. YOU have prayed, encouraged, spoken truth in love and offered hope during these challenging times. THANK YOU!!  For if there are angels among us, I too believe I have found them here.