Dick Johnson



I was born in 1933 to a share crop farmer and his wife. The youngest of six children, things were not easy, but we had a close relationship. I quit school in tenth grade, went back later and finished it by GED. I got married at 18 years of age, and went into the Army at 19 years, started drinking heavy in there. I became the father of three sons.

I wrecked that marriage, and a motorcycle. God was trying to get my attention. I healed from that, but God had not given up. I had a head on collision, I was driving a Chevy Pick-up and an automobile hit me. God took me up to heaven and showed me what he had to offer if I would turn my life around. The beauty there has never been seen, nor told.

Four weeks later I was discharged from the hospital. I married wife number 2. She was Satan’s Daughter. I had an alcohol problem. It took a 12 pack to a case of beer a day to keep me going. September 15, 1979 at 3:30 PM, I said this is enough, I am not going to drink anymore nor will I buy any for anyone else.

I divorced that wife two years later. I decided I didn’t need a wife at my age. I went to church at Diamond Hill Cathedral in Mansfield to see if the Preacher was the same man I knew in 1955. That was where I met my third wife, Sue, who is now residing with Jesus.

For 21 years I made tracks up and down Route 30 to NewVision FM (every Saturday AM) for ‘The Best of Country Gospel’. I am so blessed by all of my listeners through the years. Our lives change, our plans can get kinks in them and things can get so tight we need a shoe horn to see our way out, but God never changes. Time is short, friends, so get ready!

If you would like to send a note or card to the ‘Ol Country Boy’: Dick Johnson – Galion Pointe Nursing Home, 925 Wagner Ave. Galion, Ohio 44833.