Joe Emert

JoeEmert CHM


I was born and raised in central Pennsylvania.  My father, who had been a Pastor, felt a call from God to begin a radio station and did so around 1958 in Philipsburg, PA.  In those days the only radio technology that exited was AM and Short Wave.  FM radio was developed soon after.

We lived beside the radio station building so I enjoyed being around “radio people” as a child and throughout my teenage years.  I started working with my father when I was 17.  Radio has been part of my life, and my life’s calling, ever since those days.

Even though raised in a Christian home, which was rooted in God’s Word, I knew that did not bring me into a relationship with God.  I personally understood and accepted the claims of Jesus Christ while attending a “camp meeting”, I committed my life to serve God in full time Christian ministry.  It was in 1971 that God “fine tuned’ that commitment and I have now been honored to serve Him for over 50 years in Christian radio.

I marries Jenny (Ogg), from McCutchenville, OH in 1972.  We were attending Bible College together in Cincinnati, Ohio.  God graciously granted us 4 sons and, now, 16 grandchildren and on great-grandson!  Through the years, Jenny has been at my side as a steady anchor.  Over the years, together, we raised our family, founded two FM radio stations in Georgia, and served in the area of international missionary radio.  With God’s help I think I’ll make a career of it!  To God be the glory!