Ken Garverick



I’m married to President & General Manager, Missy Garverick. I am honored to be serving you, as one of NewVision FM’s Board of Directors. I look forward to us meeting someday. But until we do, allow me to tell you a little about myself… I grew up on a small farm in Crawford County, Ohio with my parents and four siblings. I’m the second oldest and one of the “middle” children. My parents were very busy with work and the younger children. But they always made sure I got to Sunday School, and on time. Dad or Mom would drop me off and my grandfather would always invite me to stay for the Church service, and then take me home. I grew close to my grandparents during this time. I remember one summer day- June 1970, at nine years old, a teacher during Bible School, told the class about our need for a Savior. I wasn’t even sure what all that meant, but I knew I felt differently after our “talk”. I remember going home that day, getting down on my knees in the barn and asking God to save me, and I’ve served the Lord ever since.

Throughout my adult life, the path hasn’t always been straight, and I’ve veered a time or two, but I’ve always tried to keep Christ at the forefront during challenging times. I knew very early that I loved the Lord. I didn’t, however, know until much later in my adult life – that He loved me. I began listening to WXML Christian Radio soon after Martha Smith went on the air, hosting her program “Glorious Gospel Road”. I attended church with her and her husband, Dave. I remember making sure to tune in on Sunday afternoons, and I’ve been a listener of what is now NewVision FM ever since.

It was on 90.1 FM where I knew that I could go for encouragement through the hard times. I spent a lot of years just attending church but grew very little spiritually. After a divorce, a loss of a brother and the death of a spouse, God showed up in my life in a very real way. In one day, my life did a complete 180-degree turnaround. God showed me that He had great plans for my future, and He gave me hope. He brought an amazing lady into my life, Missy Garverick, to be my wife and ministry partner for life. God has given me two very special gifts in my life. The gift of design and build and my wife, Missy. Both of which will be instrumental in my service to God and His radio ministry, as Missy and I share a common vision: Serving you, the listener, and pointing all people to Jesus.

*Ken lives in Bucyrus, Ohio with his wife Missy and has four adult step – children and four grandchildren of the same. He works for J&F Construction, Bucyrus, Ohio and has been a Project Superintendent for the past fifteen years. Ken is NewVision FM’s most recent board member.