This year’s Spring Friendship Drive goal was $75,000.00. At the close of the Friendship Drive, we had faith promises in the amount of $78,033.90 callers with 32 new friends. If you were listening during the three days, you know what a roller coaster ride we were on. One moment we were jubilant, laughing and praising the Lord. The next moment there were tears in our eyes from testimonies that were shared by our listeners on how our radio ministry touched or changed their life or someone else’s life!

This is what the Friendship Drive is all about – keeping the ministry on the air and touching lives on a daily basis. YOU, our faithful listeners, partnering with God make this ministry possible. I wish each of you could help answer our phones. You would hear so many wonderful testimonies that our listeners share with us. I especially enjoy hearing Dan Kayser, Board President share about our very first Sharathon in 1993 when a very elderly widow lady called and asked if it would be okay if she could donate one dollar a month. You see, this lady had lost her husband and was on a very limited income. She was apologetic that it was not more, but that was all that she could afford. Just as the Bible tells a story about the widow’s mite, we also have a widow’s mite story that we tell each year. We tell her story during our fundraisers just to honor her memory and her beautiful heart.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, staff and myself… thank each of you for your prayers and financial support that keeps this vital radio ministry on the air 24 hours each day! Not only do you help us broadcast the gospel in Northwest Ohio, but all over the world through the Internet. May God bless you just as you have blessed His ministry.

Congratulations to Jeff and Lori Pickett from Wharton for winning our grand prize Amish Giveaway Packet.

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