Join Our ‘Circle Of Friends’

Hello, NewVision FM Family! Spring is in the air and exciting news is just around the corner!
NewVision FM 2021 Friendship Drive will take place May 13 – 15.

During Our Friendship Drive, we’ll be encouraging our many listeners to pray about becoming vision partners and to call in to support God’s radio ministry through faith promises. Our staff is looking forward to taking your call as you phone in your faith promise. We are also excited to hear your testimonies of how God has blessed you this past year!

This will be a time of sharing and caring… a time of partnering with God for miracles for His radio ministry… and a time of praise-giving as we partner to fulfill His vision. As we progress forward into our 29th year of broadcasting, we are stepping in faith with you. We know that many praying hands make light work, and as we pray and believe God – not only for our operating need of $75,000 – but we are believing for salvations, healings and for changed lives during our Friendship Drive and the coming year. Our Friendship Drive theme is ‘Join Our Circle of Friends”. From our recent Sharathon, we are continuing to offer the opportunity for you to become a NewVision FM Vision Partner and each level of giving is signified by a specific gemstone. John revealed details about the gemstones of Christ’s eternal Kingdom in his gospel in chapter 3:1-21. The gemstones in heaven are not out of reach and will never be destroyed. You are God’s gemstone and we’re excited to partner with you as we, like the sunflowers, turn toward the Son and introduce the person of Jesus to every person through Christian radio in 2021. Join us May 13 – 15 for three exciting days of 2021 Friendship Drive. For more information: 419-294-2900.

Complete the form below and return to:
NEW VISION FM * P.O. Box 158 * Upper Sandusky, OH 43351-0158

With our Friendship Drive, we are continuing the vision partnership with you, our listeners.
The amount given will correspond to the vision level. No amount is too small!
As God has directed me and as He provides, please count on me to:
Diamond Emerald Sapphire Ruby Pearl
Give a one-time gift of _$10,000 _$5,000 _$1,000 _$500 $_________

_Give $__________/month. Use my gift as a MATCH CHALLENGE. (Minium gift of $500 can be used for Match Challenge)

_Become a partner in prayer for God’s provision for New Vision FM in the coming year.

_Join the “One Dollar A Day Ministry” [$365/year]. This also qualifies me to be a Half-Day Sponsor.

_Become a Half-Day Sponsor, with a total gift of $20.83 per month or $250/year or more.

_Become a Full Day Sponsor, with a total gift of $41.66 per month or $500/year or more.

Date to sponsor: / In Honor (or in Memory) of:____________________________________

Credit Card #:_____________________________ Exp. date___/_ 3 digit security code__

Amount $___________________ Repeat Monthly Phone number ___________________