With Valentine’s Day it’s time to start thinking about what messages of love you’ll convey this year. Whether it’s a simple gift, thoughtful card, or love letter, Bible verses are the perfect addition. The KJV mentions ‘love’ 311 times. After all, the narrative of the Bible is the greatest love story ever told. Why do we love? 1John 4:19 says we love because He first loved us.

I recently came across a letter written by my husband
almost twenty -five years ago, expressing his love for me on
Valentines’s Day. In that letter was a reminder that God’s love for me is far greater than even his, and that God is steadfast and unchanging. It’s God’s love that comforts us when we are discouraged, and we have certainly been living in an exciting, yet often discouraging time.

The word of God says in Hebrews 10:24-25 that we are to spur one another on in love. To the right of this article, is a few examples of how we, as a team, are spurred on from you, our listeners! Thank you so much for letting us know how we are doing here at New Vision FM! We love to hear from you and would LOVE to hear your testimony of how God has blessed you, either through a teaching you heard on New Vision FM or through a song played at just the right moment. Or perhaps you have a praise report to share from a prayer called in to our Monday night prayer team.

God pours His love out on each of us daily in many ways, and we want HIM to get the Glory! So, In the Spirit of love, New Vision FM is partnering with Richardson’s Flowers and Gifts in Upper Sandusky to show YOU, our listeners how much we love and appreciate you! During the month of February, we are giving away a Valentine’s Day Gift pack consisting of FREE flowers each month, March through October in 2021, courtesy of
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