Gary and Brenda Lyons



I was born and grew up in Marion, Ohio. Gary was born and grew up in Paintsville, Kentucky. We both had a lot in common—– we were “Preachers Kids.” For as long as we both can remember we have been active in Christian Service. Both of us began singing at an early age. When I was eight years old, I began playing the piano and singing with my “little” brother Ronnie who was five years old at that time. Gary began singing in school Talent Shows and also sang with several people who attended the same church that he did.

After graduating in 1965, he moved to Marion to look for a job. He became employed by Whirlpool Corporation. In September of 1966, he enlisted in The U.S. Army and was stationed in Manheim, Germany until he was discharged in September of 1968.

In November 1967, five months after I had graduated, my family moved across town to a different neighborhood. It was at this time I met my new neighbors, The Lyons Family. I met all of them except one and that was Gary! He was in The U.S. Army and was stationed in Germany. I was told by his family that he would be home on furlough the whole month of December. It was then that I met him! It was love at first sight for me!!! The whole month we dated each other. He would bring his Southern Gospel Albums over to my house and we would play and sing along with them for hours. When he returned to Germany we wrote to each other faithfully. To this day, I have every letter he wrote!

In September of 1968, Gary was discharged from The Military and went back to work to his job at Whirlpool. Shortly after returning home, he asked the “big” question and I said “yes”. On December 10, 1968 we were married. We had three children. Kevin, Kathy and Gary Gene. When our children were young we traveled and sang Southern Gospel Music with my brother and his wife. We were known as The Gospel Messengers. Our ministry lasted for almost fifteen years.

In 1999 our son Kevin joined Gary and I and we became known as The Lyons Family. In 2003, Gary’s brother Greg joined us as another member of The Lyons Family. We are currently traveling and singing Southern Gospel Music. Our ministry has always included our family.

When Dan Kayser asked Gary and I to come back as hosts on The Southern Gospel Concert we were absolutely thrilled! It is such a pleasure and an honor to be a part of NewVision FM. Our sincere desire is that through our ministry here we might be able to touch the lives and hearts of all our listeners.