Jon Bowlus



Greetings from the NewVision FM Ministry. I, Jon, was born in 1958 and raised in Pemberville, a small town east of Bowling Green, Ohio, the youngest of four (two brothers and one sister).

My father was a family doctor on the east side of Toledo. We lived on a thirty-seven acre wooded farm where I raised horses and sheep. My mother passed away when I was seven months old. Because of my father’s practice, my brothers, sister and I lived with my aunt and uncle in London, Ohio. My father would visit every other weekend until 1969, when he moved us back to the farm. Dad met Marilyn, from Toledo, and they were soon married. As a result of this new union, they blessed us with two brothers and a sister.

In 1982, I met and married, Carla. We have been blessed with three beautiful children; Madelynn, born in 1983, Rebecca, in 1985, and Daniel, in 1987. They have very active lives with starting families of their own and have blessed us now with six grandchildren. It is truly a joy and such a blessing to be grandparents to these beautiful children. We are very proud of them!

I thank the Lord for the staff and management at NewVision FM. As Program Director, it has been a honor for me to serve the Lord thru this ministry. I have also been blessed to have my wife, Carla, be such an important part of this ministry. She has volunteered many hours through helping me review music that is sent to the station, preparing food for the staff, crocheted a banner for the ministry and is in constant prayer, interceding for you and for the ministry. I want to leave you with this thought: As followers of Christ, we need to continue to uplift each other in prayer and share words of encouragement as we minister HOPE to those in our part of the world. God Bless!