Greetings NewVision FM Family!  Boy, do I have a story to tell you – A story about an amazing, on-time God who never leaves us and never forsakes us.  About a God who is still writing our story, and how He sends His words of encouragement just when we need it most.

My deadline was quickly approaching and before I realized it, it was here.  The day of producing the “perfect” newsletter article which is part of the General Manager vision. And there I sat… and sat!  I had zero unction of what I was supposed to share with you this month.  Like some of you, at times, I get those little nagging voices in my thoughts that tell me, “You have nothing to say that anyone would be interested in reading or hearing”(when I’m sharing with our radio audience). Without allotting much floor time, I will just clarify that the enemy is a liar!   Isn’t it just like God to come to our defense and remind us of our purpose, just when we need it most? He wants to remind us to listen for His voice and not believe the enemy’s voice.

In the August Newsletter, I shared that my heart has been burdened for teachers and students, and for the upcoming school year.  Today, I received this reply to that article by an anonymous New Vision FM listener:  I just had to write you a quick note to tell you thank you for your article for teachers in your newsletter.  I have really been avoiding the thought of going back to school.  It is always difficult, as the enemy tries to convince me that I am not equipped.  I know God called me to be a teacher, but it has been difficult, even though I see God’s hand daily.  As I read your words and the scriptures God gave you, I had a stirring in my spirit.  I sat up a little straighter and felt almost excited to go back.  That is God!  Knowing that you are praying is super encouraging and I plan to share your article with my co-workers…

Over the last year, I have enjoyed watching how time and time again God uses people to work things together for His glory. The story our friend shared ushered in love, encouragement and a reminder of how much we need God and each other.   If ever there was a time we need both, it is NOW!  And if we will just sit still with the Giver, we will remember that everything is a gift.  

One thing I have learned is this: what will be accomplished in my life and in through this ministry has everything to do with God’s capacity and nothing with mine.  God wants to communicate with us and He will not wait until we are perfect or until we feel adequate enough because He knows that the day when we feel perfect or adequate is not coming soon. He is waiting, though, for our willingness to partner with Him and with His vision in every area of our lives. He wants us to be connected with each other in Christian unity, to work together to help move the kingdom of God forward. We read that in his Word, “for everything there is a season and purpose.”  (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)

 Please join me for a short tour if you’ve not yet been our guest here at the station.  NewVision FM Christian Radio Station is housed within a building on Route #330 in Upper Sandusky. Within that building are rooms and each one has a purpose. Some are for staff members and some hold radio equipment.  Each piece of equipment had to be purchased and will eventually need to be replaced. Our tower sends the signal that relies on a transmitter. The transmitter relies on electricity, and that electricity costs. When we develop the content you hear it takes time and money. We have come to the conclusion that we can’t do it alone. 

Our Fall Sharathon is scheduled for November 17th, 18th, and 19th. We rely on you partnering with God for our yearly operating costs.  We would run out of hope without God’s blessing.  We would run out of funds without your partnership.  When we say, “we are listener supported,” this is a statement of how important you are to us more than any plea of money.  We need your prayers as much as your finances. The longevity of NewVision FM is due to an on-time God who gave us a vision and a story to share, the partners who recognized the importance of the story and people like YOU who listened and shared the story. With your help, the story will be heard on NewVision FM. Thank you for all your support and we bless you to hear God’s voice for your life and destiny in the Kingdom.