I received a letter recently from one of our NEW listeners. It so greatly impacted me… I thought I would share yet, another testimony of how God is touching lives through your financial support of this Radio Ministry.

“In December of 2020 on a Thursday, I suddenly spiked a high fever. I felt all energy leave my body, so I crawled into my bed. The thought came to me that I needed to call my pastor and ask him to pray for me. As I reached for the phone to make the call, the phone rang. It was my pastor calling me – to pray for me! He had sensed God saying that I was ill. As he began to pray for me, he asked God to show up and heal me. I saw the Shekinah Glory of the Lord, and I felt the Lord touch me. I knew I was healed!

I rested for one day, knowing that I had to complete my move from Bowling Green to Findlay by 5PM the
following Monday. I worked very hard to clean, pack my belongings into my car and unpack at the new place, and it all got done. I thank God that He gave me His strength to do everything that needed done… Although I knew the Lord had healed me, on Tuesday I could not get out of bed. I spiked another fever, I had a cough and congestion, and severe body aches! I questioned the Lord and as I did, I sensed Him saying, “I will make your sick bed a special time with me, then raise you back up.”

                                 - Ms. K.A, Bowling Green, Ohio