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We want to know what programs, people, music or other ministry has
helped you through difficult times, or simply been a help in your walk with God.

Patty from Fostoria writes

“I so appreciate your being there every day with inspiring music and most of all the good teaching ministries. They are so valuable to the body of Christ. It is food for the soul! I hope there will be more programs to inspire us to win souls for the Lord.“

Scott from Delaware writes

“God bless you for your commitment and service.“

Colleen from Sun City, AZ writes

“It is with great joy to hear all of your wonderful voices on the radio during your recent Friendship Drive. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to raise the funds to keep the Gospel going out to all the listening ears near and far. I am so blessed to have your app on my cell phone, so I can hear my favorite station. God bless!”

Diane from Tiffin writes

“Bless you all! Here’s a group hug from a safe distance.”

Sharon from Bucyrus writes

“Thank you for all that you do to keep WXML on the air. May God bless each of you. I enjoy listening to Focus on the Family, Leading the Way, Truth for Life, Adventures in Odyssey, The Brinkman Adventures, and the Weekend Magazine. Your local programs I enjoy are Monday nights, Prayer, Praise, Power For Today, Sounds of Revival on Thursday evening and Do Not Keep Silent on Sunday evening….”

Claudette from Upper Sandusky writes

“Thank you for your ministry. I would like to honor our 1st responders in my daysponsor.”

Barbara from Tiffin writes

“Thank you for all your work and programs on WXML. I pray the Lord dearly blesses your outreach and your staff.”

Dan from Marion writes

“God bless you and keep up the good work.”

Don and Pamela from Forest write

“We love your station and pray as God allows you to minister by reaching into our communities.”

Pastor Cecil from Galion writes

“God bless all of you at the station and all you have done for the church… I am praying and fasting for you and the station.”

Betty from La Rue writes

“Thank you for the wonderful inspirational music that you are playing on the Marion station. I do like the early morning preaching and Dr. David Jeremiah, who helps me get into studying God’s word.”

Toni from Galion writes

“Upon reading your comments ‘From The General Manager’ of the March newsletter, I was shocked to see your graphics presentation that only 10% supported the station and 90% enjoy listening but have never supported financially. If everyone would send a donation each month, then we could knock out last Falls shortened Sharathon goal pretty quickly. The Spring Friendship Drive then could start fresh. I truly believe donating consistently would be an answer. I know that I have learned so much from your ministry and as your pray for me, others and your radio station are heard and answered. I feel it and see it in my own life. Therefore, here is my monthly donation to help keep your ministry strong.”

Heritage Christian Church Sportsman Committee writes

“We can’t thank you enough for announcing our hunting and fishing event and doing an interview with Pastor Gray and Rod Motter. Through this event, about 200 people attended, were able to share the gospel and saw at least 8 make a decision for Christ. Praise God!”


Has NewVision FM's Ministry Been a Blessing To You?

Please share your story with us. We want to know what programs, people, music or other ministry has helped you through difficult times, or simply been a help in your walk with God. Send Us a Letter

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