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We want to know what programs, people, music or other ministry has
helped you through difficult times, or simply been a help in your walk with God.

Lynda from Findlay writes …

“Here’s my donation that I called in during a match challenge at your recent Friendship Drive. Thank you for being a blessing!”


Colleen from Sun City, AZ writes

“It is with a blessed and a giving heart that God has supplied all my needs. Once again I am able to support my favorite radio station… I thank God that he has protected me and my family from this virus. I enjoy listening to all the programs and listen as often as I can with the 3 hour time change… God bless you all.”

Mary Ann from Norwalk writes …

“Here is a small amount to help keep your station on the air. God bless you all for what you do!”


Pastor Cecil from Galion writes

“Thanks to all you fine people. I love each one of you and continue to pray and fast for you… God has blessed me more than I can count.“

Comments from the staff at Sportsworld Ministries…

“We are thankful for you. We asked the Lord to bless and keep you today. Praying that God supplies all your needs. Praying God will bless you and your families. Blessings to you.”

Bruce from Tiffin writes …

Here’s our donation in support of the radio ministry. Blessings to all of you.”


Dorothy from Alvada writes …

“Thank you for your excellent programs and music.”

Geraldine from Marion writes …

“For six years I turn on WXMF, 91.9 to keep my mind off the empty chair while I eat. Thanks for being such a blessing.”

Su from Crestline writes …

“All God’s blessings to you all. You are SPECIAL.”

Donald from Tiffin writes …

“Many thanks for all of your wonderful programming. May God continue to bless you in your radio ministry.”

Christine from McCutchenville writes…

“Thank you for all you do on the air. Your station means a lot to me and with the pandemic going on, I’ve listened even more. Stay safe and healthy.

One of our Scholarship Winners from Upper Sandusky writes …

“I wanted to thank you for the generous Abby Snyder Memorial Scholarship that you awarded me. I appreciate your recognition of my hard work in school and extra activities. I am planning on majoring in speech pathology at Miami University. I also plan to get involved in a church organization to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you for helping to make this dream a reality.”

Rick from North Baltimore writes…

“In the June newsletter, under the article ‘From the General Manager’, it mentioned an elderly widow who called in during your first Sharathon and donated a dollar per month, for this is all she could afford. It inspired me, so in honor of her faithfulness, I’m making a donation of a dollar per month. Thank you for all you do.

Jean from Upper Sandusky writes …

“I’ve been a listener to WXML , 90.1 FM since the station went on air in 1992.”

Lynn from Bluffton writes …

“I continue to listen as I travel Ohio. You are a blessing.”

Patty from Fostoria writes

“I so appreciate your being there every day with inspiring music and most of all the good teaching ministries. They are so valuable to the body of Christ. It is food for the soul! I hope there will be more programs to inspire us to win souls for the Lord.“

Scott from Delaware writes

“God bless you for your commitment and service.“

Diane from Tiffin writes

“Bless you all! Here’s a group hug from a safe distance.”


Has NewVision FM's Ministry Been a Blessing To You?

Please share your story with us. We want to know what programs, people, music or other ministry has helped you through difficult times, or simply been a help in your walk with God. Send Us a Letter

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